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Success with the iTunes client.... on to iTunes music store

OK. I got this working with the iTunes client..... feedcheck complains some but it complains about other public feeds that I checked (e.g. NPR feeds). Had to tweek some of the tags to get the right information to show up in the iTunes columns but no big deal.

To Do

  • Need to document what I've found in the Theory of Operations
  • Need to make a tracker of open development items, there are quite a few enhancements that are needed
  • Need to create some "real" test content so I don't get sued
  • Need to check out the iTunes music store, but I think support for album art will be required for that

RSS Version Troubles

The RSS version number Elizabeth choose is a problem.  Turns out that the RSS version is stored in the TikiWiki databases as a single character.  Not a byte, but a single character.  So the number 10 overflows the field.  I temporairly reused the number 6 which was assigned to OPML.  This will need to be addressed later.

Debugging TikiWiki

I was going to call this debugging PHP, but the struggle is particular to TikiWiki. Turns out that tiki-setup.php overrides the error reporting level set in the php.ini file. The solution is to temporairly hard code the error reporting leve in each module that calls tiki-setup.php while debugging. Now on to the real problems......

More about Tags

I pulled a couple more examples from FeedBurner, thisWEEKinTECH, and MSNBC just for comparison. Those are now in the RSS_Comparison.xls file.

I also started studying the changes needed for generate_feed() so that the podcast variables are compartmentalized. One thing that I'm wondering is if it will hurt anything to include ALL the non-itunes tags in the basic RSS 2.0 feed. For instance would it hurt anything if all RSS 2.0 file gallery and image gallery feeds included the tag?

Identifying Missing Tags

I spent most of the day sorting through the iTunes technical specification and the current output from FeedBurner based on the rss_lib.php changes from Elizibeth. There are a number of items that TikiWiki already supports that just need to be included in the feed; that's my next task. However there are a number of items that file galleries do not track (e.g. categories, keywords, etc.) that must be addressed with UI and database changes. I am keeping a comparision in the attached spreadsheet


There is a problem with the RSS versioning for, at the least, file galleries when generating individual feeds for each gallery. The RSS link on the file gallery does not specify a version, tiki-file_gallery_rss.php does not specify a version, and lib/rss/rsslib.php:RSSLib->generate_feed() uses a default of RSS 0.91. It is quite likely that we will need to specify and store either a custom version that applies to all file galleries or possibly a custom version for each file gallery. More data to store.....

No title specified

Now that I "think" I have the file extension issue figured out, I need a plan for getting all this into TikiWiki. My initial plan is to extend the work done by Elizabeth Dalton; she supplied me the files she modified. She really got far with the concept, but ran into the URL file extension problem with iTunes.

She was focused on making the feature available in a blog, but I'm going to concentrate on file galleries first because it is a simple extension to the existing functionality. I don't think that I'm ready to create a completely new feature "blog file attachments".

Tip: Moving a podcast

Found this rule that allows a podcast xml feed to be permanently moved. When iTunes or the iTunes music store podcast section accesses the link, the 301 will permanently update the subscribers url.
RewriteRule ^new_name.xml$ /feed [R=301,L]

301 - move permanently

iTunes silly media filter solved for TikiWiki RSS links

I finally managed to get TikiWiki, CVS, and Elizabeth's code changes loaded. Studying the iTunes technical specification, I realized that the problem Elizabeth ran into might be quite simple. The iTunes specification says:

The URL before the GET-style form values (before the first ?) must end in a media file extension (e.g. mp3). To work around this, the feed provider can alter their URL from this:
to this:
Notice how it says load.mp3 instead of load.php. It should be possible to accomplish this via various means, such as web server rewrites. iTunes looks at the extension of the path part of the url, i.e. the part before the"?".

Now the example changed both the part before the ? And the part after the ? to end in .mp3, but the text implies that only the part before the ? matters. "If" the text is true, then this can be easily accomplished with an Apache rewrite rule; well we might be able to rewrite both portions. Something like this:
  • Published Podcast URL: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_file.mp3?fileId=9.mp3
  • Rewritten URL for tiki: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=9

Enabling apache mod_rewrite on debain
a2enmod rewrite
Creates a symlink in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled from mods-available/rewrite.load
/etc/init.d/apache2 stop
/etc/init.d/apache2 start

Add to the virtual server in the section for the wiki document root:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^tiki-download_file\.mp3$ tiki-download_file.php


Now the podcast xml file needs to refer to the tiki-download_file.mp3?fileId=xx in the sections.
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