gschem Install

gschem gschemrc Tips

These changes can be made system wide, user, or directory; see Initialization File Sequence below
  • Change default title block
(define default-titleblock "title-B.sym")
  • Enable Autonumber
After having done 2 schematics, I recomend turning this off and rely on refdes_renum. Autonumber does not work all that well. It seems to start over after closing and reopening gschem.
(load (build-path geda-rc-path "/scheme/auto-uref.scm")) ;load the script
(add-hook! add-component-hook auto-uref) ;when adding a component
(add-hook! copy-component-hook auto-uref) ;when copying a component
  • Enable Color Printing
(output-color "disabled")
(output-capstyle "round")
(load (build-path geda-rc-path "gschem-lightbg"))
  • Pin and trace size if you like
(net-style "thin")
(pin-style "thin")
  • Componet Library Paths
(reset-component-library) <---- Optional, removes default paths
(component-library-search "/usr/share/gEDA/smallsym")
(component-library "${HOME}/.gEDA/symbols")
  • Initialization File Sequence

My startup files

cat > ~/.gEDA/gafrc
(component-library "/home/share/geda/symbols")
cat > ~/.gEDA/gnetlistrc
(component-library "/home/share/geda/symbols")
cat > ~/.gEDA/gschemrc
;Change default title block
(define default-titleblock "title-B.sym")

;Enable Color Printing
(output-color "disabled")
(output-capstyle "round")
(load (build-path geda-rc-path "gschem-lightbg"))

Initial Directory Setup

  • Create a network shared directory for files
mount //dell/SharedDocs /home/share
mkdir /home/share/geda
mkdir /home/share/geda/symbols
mkdir /home/share/geda/pcb-elements

gschem Installation

gEDA/gaf on Windows - Installation instructions (outdated)
  • My own instructions for gschem 1.7.1
    I have a new laptop where I recently installed the latest version of cygwin and it looks like some of the packages have changed names. I show the old versions and the replacements below.
  1. Install cygwin
    Select packages to install; these are the ones I "think" are needed but I already had a decent development system so I might have already had other prerequisites. These packages also pulled in lots of other packages.
    atk-devel --> Not available, added: libatk1.0-devl
    crypt --> Installed
    file --> Installed
    gcc-g++ --> Installed (gcc-g++ / gcc-core)
    + this is gcc 3. Had to install gcc 4.5 and choose to uninstall gcc 3
    + added: gcc4-g++, gcc4-core
    + error was: /usr/bin/grep: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.5.3/libffi.la: No such file or directory
    gtk2-x11-devel --> Not available, added: libgtk2.0-devel
    guile-devel --> Added
    libgmp-devel --> Added
    libtool1.5 --> Not available, added: libtool
    make --> Installed
    pango-devl --> Not available, added: libpango1.0-devl & pango1.0 (sources)
    patchutils --> Added
    pcre-devl --> Not available, added: libpcre-devl
    pcre-doc --> Not available
    pkg-config --> Added
    xorg-x11-devel --> Not available, added: libX11-devl
    xorg-x11-fscl --> Not available
    xterm --> Installed
  2. Append these to you ~/.bashrc
    export PATH=$HOME/geda/bin:$PATH
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$HOME/geda/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

    Update your environment
    source .bashrc
  3. Download gEDA/gaf sources
  4. Extract into a build directory, configure, make, make install
    cd ~
    mkdir gEDA
    cd gEDA
    wget http://ftp.geda-project.org/geda-gaf/unstable/v1.9/1.9.2/geda-gaf-1.9.2.tar.gz
    tar zxf geda-gaf*.gz
    cd geda-gaf*
    ./configure --disable-update-xdg-database
    make install
    cd ~
  5. Start gschem
    1. Make sure you start the cygwin xwindows server. If you don't have a favorite way then just type startx. Not the best way but it's easy.
    2. In a cygwin shell of some kind (I use rxvt) type gschem

cygwin - cygwin tips for a unix hack

  • Tip - cygcheck - query packages and files. Searches are regex so use \ to escape a period, ex. 'gmp\.h'

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