Canvas Zipper Repair


The canvas zippers on my boat are deteriorating. The boat has been in a covered boat slip for the life of the canvas. The canvas is in relatively good condition. Before wholesale replacing the canvas, there is a bunch of it, I plan to try replacing just the zippers. Potential issues are that the canvas might not be pliable enough to sew, my sewing machine might not be able to penetrate the canvas, and I might not find string that is suitable for my sewing machine. We will see.....

Beacon Fabric & Notions recommends using #18 jeans needle and v69 thread for home sewing machines
The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Fabrics


I think that I have the #10 (10mm) white zipper. I'll need to measure them the next time I'm at the lake:
Great Lakes Fabrics, Inc. - #10 Separating Zipper
Beacon Fabric & Notions - #10 Separating Zipper

SewTime with Lydia - Tips for sewing outdoor fabrics

The top on the back of my boat is fairly new and made of sunbrella:
Sunbrella: Marine Tops and Covers Care & Cleaning
303 High Tech Fabric Guard - Sunbrella recommended protector and water repellent

Also found information on 303 products for regular vinyl including Spa covers:
303 Aerospace Protectant

Both products are available at West Marine and Overton's
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