PCB Operation Tips

gschem Operation Tips

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Initial Tutorial Showing the PCB Workflow

  • Follow the gsch2pcb tutorial
  • Create a network shared directory for the project
mkdir /home/share/geda/myfirstproject
cd /home/share/geda/myfirstproject

  • Create the project file for the board
cat > gsch2pcb.prj
schematics one.sch two.sch
output-name board

  • Create the schematics
gschem one.sch
gschem two.sch

  • Renumber the components (included slotted parts)
refdes_renum --pgskip one.sch two.sch

  • Run the Design rules check and fix any problems
gnetlist -g drc2 -o - one.sch two.sch

  • Update all the attributes using the tabular editor
gattrib one.sch two.sch

  • Create the initial PCB netlist and board
gsch2pcb gsch2pcb.prj

  • Run PCB
pcb board.pcb

    • Set grid spacing to 25mils: View->Grid Setting->25 mil
    • Set board size: File->Preferences
    • Set default line and via sizes
    • Enable grid: View->Enable Visible Grid
    • Scatter items: Select->Disperse All Elements
    • Load the Netlist: File->Load Netlist
    • Run the gsch2pcb cmd file :ExecuteFile(board.cmd)
    • Connect->Optimize Rats Nest

Update schematic if needed

  • Run gschem and make changes
  • Run refdes_renum (by default only renumbers un-numbered parts)
  • Run DRC (gnetlist -g drc2 ....)
  • Run gattrib if needed
  • Run gsch2pcb again
  • Run pcb
    • Load the new foot prints: File -> Load layout data to paste buffer
    • Load the Netlist: File->Load Netlist File
    • Connect->Optimize Rats Nest

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