PCB Feature Requests

The items on this page represent functionality changes that I would like to implement in PCB. I have not entered them in the feature request database because I don't think that features going in there actually get built. Rather I think the developers build what "they" want; and why not, they are working for free after all. So below is my list of things that this "developer" wants:

  • Footprint Update
When updating a foot print (shift-btn1 w/ buffer on screen) PCB should update the Element "name" to match the new foot print file name. This lets me manually update a footprint for an existing part and not have a later forward annotation with gsch2pcb mess up the correction. For now I open the pcb file in a text editor an update the footprint name.
  • gsch2pcb Should Not Change Defaults
If a board already exists, then gsch2pcb should use that to set the defaults in the board.new.pcb. Some troublesome items Styles, Flags?, PCB, Grid?, Layer names, etc.

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