gEDA Keys

This list of keys is because I am "very" forgetful especially since I go monthis between gEDA projects.

pcb Keys

pcb --action-string 'DumpKeys()'
  • middle mouse
Select Mode - moves part on snap grid

o - Optimize rats nest
f/shift-f - Select / unselect route under mouse (find net)
u - Undo
r - Redraw the Screen
ctl-shift-p - Thin draw polygons
ctl-m - Mark crosshair
g - Increase snap grid
shft-g - Decrease snap grid
1,2 - Switch between component and solder layers

pcb Commands

:-SetValue(Grid,2500) - Set grid to 25 mils
:-SetValue(Grid,1) - Set grid to 1 PCB unit (1/100 mil); effectively "off"
  • Global Puller in cvs version
:GlobalPuller()  (this does all traces)

gschem Keys

ec - Copy the selected part. Right click to place.
ex - Edit text; why is it that right clicking on text and clicking "edit" doesn't edit text? Hum....
ep - Update component; after using "down symbol" to edit a symbol, update the schematic
x - Pan to mouse pointer
middle mouse - Rotate part during component placement

Tip: I turn off zoom-with-pan then use x to pan to the mouse
(zoom-with-pan "disabled")

pcb: Defining Menus

Pcb will look for a file which defines its menus, trying the following names:
<internal> defined in src/pcb-menu.res

gschem: Defining Keys

Key and mouse bindings are defined in:
Add changes to gechemrc:

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