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This is a list of all the projects that are floating around in my head. Well there are more, but this is all the ones that I've written down so far.

StatusDescriptionBlogWiki PageAdded
betaDynamic iptables ProjectWed 12 of Dec, 2005
conceptCommunity Speed Reporting ProjectTue 9 of Sep, 2009
inprogressSea-Doo 951 Top End ProjectTue 19 of May, 2009
r&dDirect Voltage Adapter ProjectWed 3 of Jun, 2009
r&dCanvas Zipper Repair ProjectSun 26 of Jul, 2009
releasedX-10 Trap projectSun 8 of Feb, 2009
releasedLinkCheckerblogprojectMon 10 of Nov, 2008
releasedInventory projectThu 04 of Dec, 2008
protoMH Weather Alertblog entryprojectSat 23 of Sep, 2006
betaRBL Rejection Report
betaTikiWiki Abuse Scanner
R&DFreeduino Cube projectTue 11 of Sep, 2007
r&dexPL projectSat 4 of Apr, 2010
conceptWeather Dial projectSun 22 of Jul, 2007
conceptRRD Fast Polling projectSun 21 of Dec, 2008
conceptiTunes Update projectFri 21 of Dec, 2007
conceptWSLogging projectMon 28 of Jan, 2008
conceptReflow Oven Control projectSat 29 of Nov, 2008
conceptSPA Mon projectThu 28 of Dec, 2006
conceptFan Controller projectFri 29 of Dec, 2006
conceptWeather Station projectFri 29 of Dec, 2006
conceptPower Supply Design projectThu 20 of Sep, 2007
conceptRGB LED projectWed 07 of Nov, 2007
conceptWetness Sensor projectTue 26 of Feb, 2008
conceptLab projectTue 02 of Dec, 2008
conceptApache Reportsblog entry Sat 22 of Mar, 2008
abandonedTikiWikiPodcastingblogprojectSun 27 of Aug, 2006

Status TypeDescription
concept:The project is just conceptual containing a general description and basic research notes
r&d:The project is in active development but has not progressed to a prototype
inprogress:Craft project that is in progress
proto:The project has a prototype implementation available. Prototypes are generally very rough with only a few of the desired features. Prototypes are provided as significant feature development progresses
beta:The project has a beta implementation available. Betas are nearly feature complete but likely have bugs and missing documentation. The project stays in Beta until the documentation is completed
released:The project has a formal release that is considered to have generally useful features and documentation
abandoned:The project has been abandoned before progressing to a released state


Collection of links that have not been filed
  • Keypad Shield
AVR243: Matrix Keyboard Decoder
AVR240: 4 x 4 Keypad - Wake-up on Keypress
  • LCD Shield
Could use 74HC164 serial / parallel conversion. Should however consider using an AVR, combining with Keypad reader, and implementing an I2C slave. This would take all the burden off the host AVR for keyboard scanning, debounce, etc. and could possible provide some LCD compatibility without rewriting the host AVR LCD routines.
  • IRBlaster
Concept is to add an IR Blaster to a linux based host for controlling A/V equipment. Target software is OpenRemote. The following links are my initial conceptual research:
avrlirc - ATTiny / serial based receiver that doesn't require custom Linux kernel. Serial port (or USB port) needed on host. Supplies custom serial host program that speaks the lirc UDP protocol. With this concept it is possible to have an Ethernet port (or WiFi) on the AVR that directly sends the UDP packets.
  • ET Controller Research
Building a Smart Irrigation Controller
Crop evapotranspiration - Guidelines for computing crop water requirements
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension: Texas ET Network

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